McManus on marriage: Loving words, harsh reality

January 06, 2012

Having recently been allowed by the government to finally legally wed my longtime partner, I read with interest your article about the declining proportion of Americans who are married ("Let's revive marriage in America," Jan. 3).

It saddens me that so many young people feel that they couldn't make a marriage last. Yes, it does take work; but it is worth it.

Author Mike McManus is also correct that having a marriage based in some sort of religion helps.

But on visiting the author's website to learn more, I was dismayed to find that his advice to couples was just a ruse to spread his views bitterly opposing same-sex marriage.

Could the rhetoric expounded by those who insist on discriminating against a sizable portion of the population be part of the reason that more and more people are becoming disillusioned with marriage in general?

Bill Brown, Middle River

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