Letter: Complete stop not always necessary for drivers in traffic circle

Letter to the editor

January 06, 2012

I agree with the letter about yielding to traffic in a circle coming from the left and blending in as soon as possible ("Yield to left at roundabout and to right at four-way stop," Catonsville Times, Jan. 4).

I have found that many people needlessly come to a complete stop when they reach the circle. They are probably upset by people to their right that do not also stop and let them go.

We need to be educated so that everyone knows to slow down when they reach the circle but not stop if no one is in the circle or it is possible to blend in.

Another reason for driver education is the speed bumps recently added on Westchester and Rockwell avenues. They were designed to ensure that people obey the speed limit and can be easily driven over at 25 miles per hour by almost every vehicle.

Braking almost to a stop at every bump, then speeding above 25 mph between them violates the speed limit. I can't imagine it is good for the car's brakes either.

Judy Rhoades


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