Helicopter to fly in new Ocean City inlet tower

  • The old tower at the Ocean City inlet was damaged by Hurricane Irene in August 2011.
The old tower at the Ocean City inlet was damaged by Hurricane… (Town of Ocean City Photo. )
January 05, 2012|By Michelle Deal-Zimmerman | The Baltimore Sun

If you're going down to Ocean City on Friday to enjoy a quiet off-season stay, you may notice something overhead.

And it's not the steel beams of the Bay Bridge or the beautiful blue skies.

Instead, it's likely to be a U.S. Coast Guard helicopter airlifting a new tower to the jetty at the Ocean City inlet, replacing the old tower that was destroyed by last summer's Hurricane Irene. The new tower will be used for marine navigational purposes.

On Friday morning, construction of the new tower will begin. A Coast Guard helicopter will pick up the tower at the Ocean City Municipal Airport and transport it to the inlet that separates Ocean City from Assateague Island.

Even if you're not in Ocean City, you will be able to view the tower transport from a temporary webcam that the town has set up. The webcam feed will go live, weather permitting, around 10:30 a.m. on Friday.


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