Some unemployed people may be lazy, but most aren't

January 05, 2012

I find it disconcerting and quite troubling as I read opinions being sent in to this paper stating that people collecting unemployment are just lazy and aren't looking for work because they're getting money for nothing and have no incentive ("Benefits in hand, unemployed are content not to work," Dec. 23).

While I will agree there are people like that out there, I must say that just making a blanket statement like the one above does a disservice to unemployed folks like myself who work hard every day to try and find work and just come back unsuccessful. I am a registered medical assistant who has been out of work for well over a year now and have been looking for a new job since the day I lost my previous position. I have not been localizing my search only to medical work. As a matter of fact my job search has been very broad, including all jobs I am capable of doing, including retail work.

Yes I have received quite a few interviews and have been told I interviewed very well. Sadly, in all cases I have been passed over for someone else. So to say something like "unemployment benefits should be cut because all it does it make people not look for work anymore" not only hurts those people who refuse to find work, it also hurts those of us who are trying very hard to find work and simply cannot seem to find success in the current job market.

Christopher S. Carothers, Baltimore

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