Invinc-i-cat survives two rounds in the gas chamber

January 05, 2012|By Jill Rosen | The Baltimore Sun

When they were handing out the whole "nine lives" package, one Salt Lake City cat apparently got seconds. Maybe thirds.

According to a jaw-dropping tale in the Salt Lake Tribune, a stray cat named Andrea has one Utah city rethinking its euthanasia policy after the cat survived not one, but two rounds in a gas chamber.

Last year the black cat was put on death row after no one adopted her at the shelter. According to the story, Andrea was "plopped" into the gas chamber to be euthanized but when she showed signs of life after the process, they gassed her again.

Finding no vitals signs after round two, they put her in a plastic bag, and placed the bag in a cooler, according to the paper.

Later, they found the kitty in the bag, quite alive.

"She’s pretty tough, obviously,"  a volunteer with the Community Animal Welfare Society named Janita Coombs told the paper. Coombs is taking care of the cat until she finds a permanent home. "She’s definitely got some will to live."

Animal advocates have plans to use the case as an example to urge West Valley City officials to switch to lethal injection for euthanizing animals.

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