Without effective government we get mob rule

January 05, 2012


It is a bit disconcerting that the Chair of the Harford County Republican Central Committee has such a poor understanding of the basics of American government. In his recent letter to the editor (1/4/2012), Patrick McGrady, makes the astounding statement that "American government is a republic; not a democracy."

He goes on to proclaim: "Good thing, because mob rule (democracy) is pretty ugly and undependable." That is coming from a person who has railed against government in general, all taxes and any decisions made by elected officials, unless, of course, they are Republicans. Without effective government we get "mob rule," unless government is controlled by a non-elected body in which the public has no say.

Democracy can be "ugly" and messy. That's because in a democracy, the people get to have their say. McGrady, who lost his last two elections when the people rejected what he had to say, has good reason not to like democracy. But he fails to understand that in order to have a successful republic, we need democracy to make it work.

 George F. Harrison Jr.

Bel Air

The writer is treasurer of the New Harford Democratic Club.

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