Thursday's menu: Restaurants on vacation, a closer look at table salt and Bryan Voltaggio's most troublesome tattoo

January 05, 2012

Staff meals, restaurants on January vacation the problem with asking restaurants to cut down on salt.

An article in the Atlantic says that attempts by the Food and Drug Administration to coerce restaurants to cut down on salt are misguided at best. Restaurant meals account for a small amount of daily salt intake, says the article's author, an interventional cardiologist and professional chef. It's a good, provocative read.

Bryan Voltaggio expains why one particular tattoo keeps getting him dirty looks from the Transportation Safety Authority (Eater DC)

The rapper and actor Ludacris is planning to open a fried chicken restaurant at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport (Eater National). It's going to be called Chicken & Beer, which is the title of his third album. His second album, "Word of Mouf," would make a good restaurant name, too. So would "The Partridge Family Album."

In the southern Chinese province of Guangdong, a wealthy forester has allegedly died by eating a poisoned cat stew. (BBC News)

This story in the Sun's Wednesday taste section took a look at two new books that delve into the importance of the staff meal. For ""Off the Menu: Staff Meals From America's Top Restaurants (Welcome Books, $40),"  Marissa Guggiana photographed the staff meals at 51 American restaurants, including a ricotta pancake supper at Woodberry Kitchen in Baltimore.

Good looking web recipe of the day: Vietnamese shrimp and quinoa salad from Serious Eats.

Closer to home, a few restaurants are taking short breaks in January.

The Waterfront Kitchen is closed for some minor kitchen renovations through this Thursday.

Jack's Bistro is on vacation. The Canton restaurant will open on Thursday, Jan. 12.

Charleston is taking a break and will reopen on Jan. 10.

Specials of the week:

Petit Louis is having a cellar raid. Dine there and get 50 percent off bottles of wine. That's through Thursday.

Also through Thursday, The Wine Market in Locust Point is offering 50 percent of wine by the glass.

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