Annapolis police investigate two cases of indecent exposure

Victims report similar descriptions and incidents

January 04, 2012|By Mary Gail Hare, The Baltimore Sun

Annapolis police are investigating two recent incidents of indecent exposure at stores in the city. In both cases, the victims provided similar descriptions of the perpetrator, but, police said, they have not yet established a connection.

The first incident occurred at 6 p.m. on Dec. 28 at the CVS store on South Cherry Grove Avenue. An adult woman told police that a man followed her down several aisles as she was shopping. When he approached her, she noticed that he was exposing himself. She described the man as a middle-aged African-American, who weighed about 200 pounds, was medium height and had a slight beard. He was wearing a black knit hat, red button-up shirt, tan jacket with fur trimmed hood, and jeans, police said.

Five days later, at 9:29 a.m. Monday, another woman shopping at the Safeway on Forest Drive reported a similar incident. She told police she noticed a man following her as was shopping, police said. As she left the store, the man approached her outside the store and pulled down his pants, police said. Her description closely matched that of the man in the earlier incident. She described an African-American man of similar weight and height, who was wearing a black knit hat, black jacket, and navy blue sweat pants with teal blue drawstrings and cuff trim.

Anyone with information should contact Det. J. Murphy at 410-268-9000 Ext. 7268 or

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