Bolton Hill man robbed, abducted from in front of his house

January 04, 2012|By Peter Hermann

A 45-year-old Bolton Hill man was robbed at gunpoint and forced into the back of his car, and then driven around to various automatic bank machines in an ordeal that lasted nearly three hours, according to city police.

The attack occurred Dec. 30 but was not made public until it was posted on a community Internet board. Baltimore police then confirmed the abduction and provided a copy of the police report. The man's car was stolen, along with his wallet, cellphone, gym bag and Apple iPad.

The unidentified victim was unhurt but was left in bushes in West Baltimore. He was found by police officers walking along West North Avenue. The man told police the men told him "they had killed people previously but were not gonna kill the victim as long as he cooperated."

Police said the victim, an interior designer, had just gotten home on Jordan Street about 6:45 p.m. and had taken his gym bag out of his trunk when two men approached. One was armed with a silver handgun.

"Where is your money," one man demanded, according to the report. The victim said his wallet was in the house and the men followed him inside. "The suspects took the victim through various rooms looking for cash or other valuables," the police report says. "The suspects attempted to remove a television that was mounted on the wall but were unable to remove it."

Police said they took clothing and put it in a bag, and then forced the man into the back seat of his car, and ordered him to lie down. Police said they stopped at several banks and alternated who had the gun and who tried to withdraw money. The victim told police he thinks they got some money, but were thwarted in most attempts.

Police said the men finally let the man out in the 1900 block of Dennison St. and told him to lie in the bushes. He flagged down police in the 3200 block of West North Ave. about 9:30 p.m.

Police described the missing car as a charcoal grey 2011 Infiniti Sport Utility Vehicle.

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