Cheap bets for 2012

and what's getting pricier

January 04, 2012|Eileen Ambrose has posted its list of a dozen things getting cheaper this year.  Many of them are tech related, such as the Apple iPad 2, Android tablets and eBook readers.

Wine is expected to be less expensive, and we’re not talking about Mad Dog 20/20. Apparently, tight budgets prevented consumers from buying high-priced wines — $30 and up — which means retailers are going to slash their prices to move the bottles off the shelf, according to Dealnews.

And though gas prices are going up, car rental rates won’t follow because of competition and a good number of cars sitting in lots, Dealnews says.

What items are going up? Dealnews says we can count on the price of airfare, gas, food and water rising. Whew, thank goodness that the price of that other staple — wine — is coming down.



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