Rice finishing what he started

Running back leads NFL in runs of 40+ yards

January 03, 2012|By Edward Lee

Ray Rice not only established a career best with 1,364 rushing yards, but the Ravens running back also leads the NFL in runs of at least 40 yards with five.

Two of those runs ended in touchdowns in Sunday evening’s 24-16 win victory over the Cincinnati Bengals, and coach John Harbaugh said those scores were the latest indicator of Rice’s ability to finish plays.

“His vision and his courses and his aiming points and all those things continue to get better all the time,” Harbaugh said Monday. “He’s still young, and he’s still growing. I think his best football’s still in front of him. But that’s a very good observation about finishing speed. To me, I credit that to his training. This guy, Ray Rice works really hard. Not just in the offseason, but during the season. if you see him in the weight room, what he does as far as training his legs and his whole body, what he does with his conditioning, I think he gets stronger as the year goes on, and that’s really shown up in the last few weeks. It’s a credit to Ray.”

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