Notes on Maryland 70, Cornell 62

Turgeon: "just enough plays to win."

January 03, 2012|By Jeff Barker | The Baltimore Sun

If you're a "glass half full" type, you can be pleased that Maryland -- again -- survived its own worst mistakes and came away with a win. Sean Mosley played well on a gimpy right ankle, and Alex Len was my MVP for his buckets and offensive rebounds in the second half when they were needed most.

If you're plagued by doubts, there is plenty to worry about in a team that Maryland coach Mark Turgeon said got down on itself against Cornell during an extended rut.

The Terps didn't score in the second half until Mosley's field goal with 8:34 left. That's a gap of 11:26 that certainly felt like an epoch to Turgeon and the fans. 

There are tried and true methods for getitng out of slumps -- be patient, try to get to the foul line. But the young Terps (talented freshman Nick Faust shot 1-for-11) struggled to right themselves and fell victim to impatience and turnovers.

Through the worst of  it, Turgeon said he resisted calling a time-out because he wanted his young team to figure it out -- to take ownership.

"I just wanted our guys to grow up and, right or wrong, that's what I did," said Turgeon.

The coach probably wouldn't have played out this gambit had he thought the Terps might seriously be headed to their first loss since Nov, 29 (Illinois).

"I never thought we were going to lose the game," Turgeon said. "We made foul shots down the stretch and got just enough plays to win."

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