Boycott retail chains that open on Christmas

January 03, 2012

I was upset to read about the pressure on big retailers to open on Christmas day. Christmas and Thanksgiving are precious days that have great significance in our society. As a religiously observant Jew, I do not negotiate on my time off for our holidays and Sabbath. I make a personal decision every day to honor the laws and traditions that were passed down to me and would never ever consider compromising that. I understand implicitly the importance tradition and custom has on society.

This is not just a great country, this is an amazing country unique in the annuls of history. We as citizens have an obligation to be vigilant and responsible. I urge my Christian neighbors to fight to keep Christmas from being a negotiable day of work. You have the right to spend time as you wish to honor your faith, be with your families or not do anything at all. I urge my non-Christian neighbors, Jewish Muslim, Hindu, atheist, etc., in joining me in supporting our neighbor's right to worship as they see fit.

I am no socialist, but taking two days out of 365 to guarantee that all of us have time to honor our families and beliefs is in the national Interest. I will boycott any retailer that opens on Christmas or Thanksgiving and urge others to do the same.

Change begins when one person stands up for what is right. A country is built when others do so as well.

Zaq Harrison, Baltimore

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