Uncompromising on when compromise is appropriate

January 03, 2012


The Aegis editorial on Wednesday, Dec. 28, entitled "Just like sausage," shows the unfortunate misunderstanding of what governing while representing the people is all about. When the residents of Harford County elect conservative Republicans to the Maryland House and Senate, they do this because they do not like what Democratic Party policies do to their lives, and they hope to send like-minded defenders of alternative policies, who will stand up for them with a message to the Democratic machine in Annapolis.

Thomas Jefferson said "In matters of style, swim with the current; in matters of principle, stand like a rock." Sure, we expect our representatives to compromise on issues like the color of necessary building construction, but on matters of principle — raising taxes, spending the people's money in a wasteful manner, or voting to take away the rights of people in rural Maryland — we expect all of our local elected officials to push back against the overreach of the further-removed level of government, in this case, the continual overreach of the Democratic-controlled State legislature as it aims further control over individual lives within our county.

The best level of government is that level which is closest to the people. That premise more-often allows individuals in a county to have some power in affecting policy for themselves and their neighbors.

When the media paints pragmatism and "well-presented" ideas as legitimate alternative strategies which justify the trading away of truth and principle, the people find themselves smarter than their press. Most of the people know that you can't have both. Every time they drive over the bridges whose tolls recently increased by 50 percent (for their first increment of increase), they clearly understand Maryland government and how well pragmatism-to-get-along serves them. Looking forward to higher gas taxes, anyone?

If the cost of Republicans standing up for truth and principle means that Maryland's Democratic leadership doesn't send any breadcrumbs back to Harford County, then so be it. Meanwhile, thanks go to the pages and their families for serving their fellow-citizens in such a way. May each of the impressionable young people be inspired to understand the importance of defending the principles which protect the freedom of their families and have created the life with which they have become familiar.

And, oh yes; sometime let's see if we can address the issue that American government is a republic; not a democracy. Good thing, because mob rule (democracy) is pretty ugly and undependable. Sausage (which I happen to think is pretty tasty) has nothing on the ugliness of democracy.

Patrick McGrady

Chairman, Harford County Republican Central Committee

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