Greektown news: Ikaros is moving, but it's also staying put

January 03, 2012|By Richard Gorelick | The Baltimore Sun

Ikaros, which the Kohilas family has operated in the same Greektown location since 1969, will be moving -- one half block up Eastern Avenue.

The move could happen as soon as March 1, according to Xenophon Kohilas, who co-owns the restaurant with his brother. The new location is on the same side of Eastern Avenue, just across Ponca Street, in a big corner building where Aztec de Oro was the last in a succession of restaurants to open and close.

With its broader dimensions and higher ceilings, the new location will allow Ikaros to do things it never could in the cozy, old space: The new Ikaros will have a brick oven, a rotisserie spit and a display of live seafood in the dining room. The space at 4901 also has an upper floor -- a perfect, large rectangle -- that Ikaros will use as a catering space.

Ikaros won't be abandoning the space at 4805 Eastern, which even its most devoted admirers acknowledge has grown frumpy. The family will operate an Ikaros Express out of the old space, a Greek version of popular fast-casual restaurants like Chipotle.

Kohilas says that the family had long considered renovating the original space but the opportunity to finally be able to have the amenities they had always wanted was too good to pass up.


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