Reimer column insults the memory of author Christopher Hitchens

January 02, 2012

Regarding Susan Reimer's recent commentary about the death this year of journalist Christopher Hitchens, I take issue with her statement that "I cannot help but wonder where he is now. In an over-populated heaven, filled with all the believers he disdained and a God who forgave him? Or in an underpopulated hell, with a few defiant friends, a bottle of booze, a pile of books and all the time in the universe to talk?" ("To the ones who entertained and inspired, irritated and haunted us," Dec. 26).

Reimer insults the memory of this brilliant man with her self-righteous comments on where he may be now. It's weak-minded to condemn someone just because they don't believe that your religion should be protected from scrutiny.

Furthermore, ideas of eternal reward and punishment are childish and not very logical. Not once did Mr. Hitchens resort to any such ideas during his painful struggle with cancer.

It's true that Mr. Hitchens was an atheist, but he used facts and logic to back up every single one of his viewpoints. It'd be nice to see The Sun do the same.

Scott Novak, Bel Air

The writer is a senior at The John Carroll School.

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