David Silverman's three favorite pinball machines

  • Fireball is one of National Pinball Director David F. Silverman's favorite machines.
Fireball is one of National Pinball Director David F. Silverman's… (Kenneth K. Lam, Baltimore…)
January 01, 2012

Of the machines visitors to the National Pinball Museum will be able to play, here are founder david Silverman's three favorites:

Big Bang Bar (1996)

"To me, it's one of the best-designed packages that I've ever played," he said. "Everything just works smoothly, design-wise, artistically, skill-wise, everything. It also has great humor and fantastic artwork."

Fireball (1972)

"It was my first game. It's the first multi-ball and spinning-disc game that I played. It's a very innovative game for its time. It's a really interesting, beautifully designed game with beautiful artwork."

Queen of Hearts (1952)

"It has so many different ways of winning games, so that you never feel like you've lost the opportunity to win a free game. There's so many different combinations where you can win. And It's one of the prettiest backglasses made during that era."

Chris Kaltenbach

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