Baltimore Ravens vs Cincinnati Bengals: Who does the dog pick?

Pigskin Picking Pup

January 01, 2012|By Jill Rosen | The Baltimore Sun

It's been a long regular season of Ravens football. And our little Teddy has been there all the way, picking great wins and, well, a few losses that had didn't leave his kibble sitting too well.

But this is the last of the regular season picks. To end with clean record, he's got to win it.

And as the folks over at Frosty Paws promised months ago, if the little pup can pick a winning season, there would be something in it for the dogs of BARCS, the city's largest animal shelter.

So let's hope for a win from Teddy and the closing of a deal with Frosty Paws.

Go Teddy!

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