'Terra Nova' recap: The finale


  • Skye (Allison Miller) stands up for herself in the two-hour season finale, "Occupation/Resistance."
Skye (Allison Miller) stands up for herself in the two-hour… (Fox )
December 20, 2011|By Sara Toth

It's the finale “Occupation/Resistance” -- in which this blogger finally realizes: Lucas is reprehensibly despicable.

Between the two-hour long stress of the “Terra Nova” season finale, and the power outages at Candlestick Park for Monday Night Football and the Pittsburgh Steelers game (don’t hate), tensions were running high for me as our time-traveling pioneers dug their heels into their prehistoric home and waged war against the future. And some of it was relatively legit.

The 11th pilgrimage begins innocuously enough with a few innocent settlers, looking appropriately terrified as they come through the Stargate wormhole and are met with armed Terra Nova military. Yep, just some salt-of-the-earth people looking to start over, just like the Shannons. Oh, and a suicide bomber. No biggie.

And, cue the future’s invasion. We’re spared the visual of the battle and resulting occupation of Terra Nova by a private army known as the Phoenix Group – an army hired by the same people employing Lucas, it seems – because we instead see things through Jim’s eyes. Yup, Jim – our point of reference is the man who’s almost-immediately knocked unconscious and who awakens three days later to a decimated Terra Nova. Jim’s got that Cillian-Murphy-in-“28-Days-Later” disoriented swagger down, but that’s nothing compared to the disorientation the rest of Terra Nova must be feeling. Twenty-six Terra Nova settlers are dead, weapons have been confiscated, Mira and Lucas have established control and no one has heard from Taylor.

Intent on strip-mining the entirety of the jungle for meteoric iron, the Phoenix Group and its employers have brought back a second Stargate (the first was destroyed) and a “pyrosonic charge,” which is just a fancy name for “bomb.” With the ability to travel back and forth from Terra Nova to 2149 and Hope Plaza, Phoenix and the Sixers are looking pretty made in the shade.

Eh, until Jim and Wash – Taylor’s extremely fierce-looking second-in-command, whose name I never knew – decide to wage guerilla warfare on the invaders. Jim connects with Taylor out in the jungle, as he has so kindly CARVED HIS COORDINATES INTO BULLETS HE SHOOTS INTO PHOENIX MERCENARIES. (I thought this was brilliant on Taylor’s part. A friend simply referred to it as horse ----.)

Man, next thing we know, Jim’s getting tortured with a taser, Elisabeth is threatening the Phoenix leader by infecting him (or at least pretending to infect him) with bugs that “burrow their way into the brain” and Lucas is acting every kind of skeezy, touching Skye’s face and calling her his sister. I take back what I said last week about Lucas/Skye. I take back most of what I said about Lucas (except for the stuff about the eyes, the math and the chest muscles): He is just awful. I’ll elaborate in a minute.

Some diversionary tactics later (namely, Wash pulls the “Ultimate Sacrifice” card out of her deck and is shot point-blank in the head by Lucas), the Shannon clan escapes Terra Nova, joins Taylor and his small group of soldiers, and with the help of some people still in the settlement, begins to plan.

A lot of science was involved, all of which I did not understand, but the gist of it is this: The only way to stop the future’s corruption and invasion, Taylor realizes, is to sever all ties to 2149. Rip the phone cord out of the wall, essentially. Thing is, that means Terra Nova can’t make any calls at all – incoming or outgoing. The settlers would be stranded.

“We’d be cutting ourselves off,” Jim says, and Terra Nova would have no incoming supplies, food or medicine. The settlement would also have onlyabout 1,000 people to restart the human race.

“Eh, 1,000 people is a good round number,” Taylor responds. Good, okay, glad we’re so cavalier about this.

The important thing about tonight was that finally, I get to say that someone legit went back to the future, and I’ve been waiting all season to say that. In order to rip out the phone cord, Hope Plaza in 2149 must be destroyed, and Jim’s up for the task. He, Taylor and their motley crew switch out one of the Phoenix trucks – filled with top-secret cargo from “The Badlands,” an unexplored section of the jungle the settlers know disconcertingly little about – with a truck containing only Jim and the retro-fitted pyrosonic bomb. Well, almost “only.”

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