The clear and present danger of illegal immigrants

November 30, 2011

In a recent story on immigration, The Sun reported a statement by Democratic Rep. Donna F. Edwards that we "must focus on those posing an actual threat to our communities" ("Hoping for reprieve: Md. immigrants await new policy," Nov. 18).

Regarding the upcoming pilot program in Baltimore and Denver, will DUI convictions be included? They should be considered a violent crime.

Will fingerprints be run to see if any crimes have been committed under an assumed name?

Being a gang member is not a crime, but how many gang members are going to be cleared by this pilot program?

All these factors present a clear and immediate threat to our communities. How many more U.S. citizens have to die or be seriously injured by illegal immigrants driving drunk? How many more teenage girls have to be raped and prostituted by illegal immigrant gang members?

Kenneth Moreau, Germantown

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