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High school senior raises money for college by selling gourmet waffles from food truck in Clarksville

High school senior raises money for college by selling gourmet waffles from food truck in Clarksville

November 30, 2011|By Amanda Yeager

Next fall, Thomas Reboullet will leave the food truck behind to go off to college, hopefully to study food science at the University of Maine, his priority high school. After earning his degree, he hopes to study pastry in France like his father did. But he said he will help with the truck over breaks, and that his father and sister will continue to run it while he's gone.

"I think I'm going to miss him. I won't have anyone to annoy anymore," Julie joked.

In the meantime, the family's focused on growing their business. Thierry Reboullet said he's started to notice regular customers coming back every other week or so.

Thomas Reboullet said he will consider moving the truck to other locations, as well. "We'll take the truck anywhere else," he said. "We've been staying here because we need to build up customers."

'Wow is the word'

One regular is Jim Hopkins, a floor manager at Kendall Hardware. Hopkins said he has stopped by the truck every weekend since it opened. His usual order is the breakfast sandwich.

"The egg is what makes it," he said. "You take a bite out of that sandwich, the egg runs out of it — ooh baby!"

"It sure beats the heck out of going to McDonalds," he added.

Barry Fields and his children were newcomers to the Reboullets' waffle truck.

Fields ordered two plain liege waffles for Talia, 7; and Avi, 3, and took a taste for himself.

"Wow is the word," Fields said, before ordering another. "I neglected myself!" he explained.

Carol Horton, of Clarksville; and Craig Bilenki, of Baltimore, came back after having stopped at Thomas Waffles twice the Saturday before.

Bilenki had a waffle breakfast sandwich on the couple's way to the Howard County Fairgrounds for a craft show, and decided to get another on his way back home.

"It's unusual," Horton said of the waffle truck. "We've seen the produce stands before, but this is the first time I've seen a waffle stand."

"Everybody loves waffles," she added, "but they're kind of a pain to make at home."

"I want to come every week now," Bilenki said. "This is great."

Would he consider eating the waffles other than for breakfast?


Thomas Waffles is open on Saturdays, year-round. For more information, check their twitter account at twitter.com/thomaswaffles.

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