Dog owners need to stay alert on public pathways

Letters to the editor

November 30, 2011

I'm fed up. This Saturday morning while running my dogs around Lake Elkhorn I came across three people standing on the trail talking, with a black dog at their side. At least one of them could clearly see me coming. I shortened up my already short leashes (4 feet long) and proceeded to run past them. As I did, the dog lurched at us and broadsided one of my dogs, forcing me off the trail.

I turned and said, "Why don't you control your dog?" To which the owner said, "Why didn't you let us know you were coming?"

Hello? I said, "You're on a public trail with lots of other walkers and runners." I could have said a lot more.

Since I have had this happen to me more times than I can count, I'd like to make two points to all dog owners:

1) Your dog is your responsibility, and it is up to you to be alert to other dogs, not the other way around.

2) Get a shorter leash. All owners who have retractable leashes should throw them in the trash. They are useless for controlling your dog.

Chris Rilling


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