We need better fiscal management, not higher taxes

November 29, 2011

This past week Sen. John Kerry explained that tax increases are necessary due the current federal government's revenue shortfall (less citizen income, less income tax revenues). This all-too-common view assumes the moral right of government to a constantly rising income stream when neither businesses nor families enjoy such a right. Businesses and families have to live in economic reality; most governments — state and local as well as federal — don't.

When governments spend every last cent by fiscal year-end, fail to pass budgets, and repeatedly fail to set aside rainy-day funds, that is financial mismanagement. The solution isn't raising taxes that only sustain further mismanagement. It's to fire incompetent managers and their political bosses. That's a non-partisan issue at every level of government in 2012.

Charles Clough, Bel Air

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