Baltimore Saturday school: Another exercise in futility

November 29, 2011

Yet another "tool" is being added to try and educate inner city youths. Another lesson in futility on the part of the school board and schools CEO Andrés Alonso ("City schools launching Saturday School initiative," Nov. 22). All those in authority — including state level — need to accept the fact that until you get parents involved in the raising and educating of their children, you are just wasting money and teachers. You cannot learn if you are not in school. It is a known fact that many of these students don't come to school, or when they do they are ill prepared for the day.

How do you propose to get them there on Saturday? The school system has to feed them, clothe them if they are inappropriately dressed, and try to instill a love of learning, all without the assistance of absent fathers and "who-cares" mothers. Granted, there are those children who do not fall into this category, but I would bet dollars to donuts that they are the children already performing at or above grade level and expectations.

But we have to continue being politically correct and blame it on everyone but those responsible. I guess the best solution would be to just take them at birth and raise them in the schools. Of course, that would involve being nanny as well as instructors.

Pat McLaughlin, Joppa

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