Burying an entire region's power cables simply isn't feasible

November 29, 2011

People are angry over the slow pace of restoring power following Hurricane Irene and the snow storms last winter. But BGE employees worked 130-hour weeks, and I'm sure the phone company was just as busy. People were brought in from 12 other states to restore power to folks who obviously didn't know bad weather was on the way, and had not stocked up on pet food, prescriptions, lamp oil and other essentials.

Some have since suggested that power lines be buried underground to avoid future problems. Out of curiosity, the other day on my way home along Route 7 I counted 63 driveways or side roads, four large parking lots and three bridges between Joppa Road and the Harford County line. Can you imagine the chaos burying cable would cause along just that short stretch of road?

Multiply that by the number of roads in Baltimore and Harford Counties and it would be a disaster. Cables in new construction certainly can and will be buried. But doing it after the fact is simply not possible.

Not everybody can be first in line. Prepare for emergency situations and be grateful there are people willing to put in long, cold, wet and thankless hours to make you more comfortable.

Dani Rice, Bradshaw

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