Speed cameras have helped with speeding problems at Seventh and Main streets in Laurel

November 29, 2011

Regarding Kathy Smallwood's letter ("Howard residents, don't shop in Laurel unless you want a ticket," Laurel Leader, Nov. 24), Laurel's goal is public safety, not punishing Howard County drivers.

You don't get a ticket unless you exceed the speed limit by at least 13 mph. That's 38 mph at that location. If you slow your vehicle even slightly in crossing this busy intersection, you won't get a ticket.

I have lived at Seventh and Main streets for over 25 years. Speeding on Seventh Street has been a constant concern until the city installed a speed camera. I have witnessed dozens of accidents at this intersection over the years. There is an elementary school one block away and pedestrians walking to those businesses Ms. Smallwood claims to care so much about.

Practice safe driving, use common sense and you won't have a problem. Thank you, city of Laurel, for protecting the lives of those who live here.

John Deane


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