Video: Terrell Suggs and 'the white tight end'

November 28, 2011|By Matt Vensel

The Ravens and the San Francisco 49ers on Saturday night were featured on NFL Network’s “Sound FX,” which gave viewers new audio and video of the Ravens’ Harbaugh Bowl win from Thanksgiving night.

This may come as a shock, but Ravens linebacker Terrell Suggs noticed that the cameras were rolling.

There were many entertaining highlights, but my favorite was Suggs going nuts about tight end Dennis Pitta, who moved the chains with a diving third-down catch on the team’s game-deciding touchdown drive.

“The white tight end, baby!” Suggs screamed into the camera. “He’s always there when you need him.”

He then turned to a few of his teammates and said, “The white tight end. He’s American Express. He’s everywhere you want to be. Don’t leave home without him.” Terrence Cody seemed very amused.

Check out this video for four-plus minutes of Suggs (the white tight end clip is around the 1:30 mark).


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