Cursive: Time for the older generation to let it go

November 28, 2011

The article "Time to cross out cursive?" (Nov. 27) was appealing to me as a high school senior making plans for college. This issue deserves much attention, especially with the latest technological developments in our culture.

Those who argue we should preserve the teaching of writing in cursive to maintain our culture need to realize that our culture has always been about efficiency and innovative ideas, and I would deem the new technology available to students today extremely efficient and innovative. This new technology does not infringe on the student teacher relationship; it actually makes education more convenient. In addition, the continuous teaching of cursive when not necessary can take away from valuable time young students could apply in other areas of education. As reluctant as the older generation of teachers may be to let this tradition go, they must accept it may be time.

Ryan Thacker, Bel Air

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