CA shuns community effort but coddles small minority

Letter to the editor

November 28, 2011

Several years ago I led a grassroots effort with hundreds of others to establish a much-needed high school swim program in Howard County. Because the Columbia Association operates like a municipal facility, Howard County has no indoor pools other than Howard Community College's. So we appealed to CA to allow the Howard County Public School System to purchase some lap lane time during a low-volume period for the three months of the swim season.

Had CA helped us, other facilities would have as well. But they did not. The association stated it would not displace even a single lap swimmer for our high school swim effort. In fact, hundreds of kids would have benefited from high school swimming, including the tremendous number of kids in our county who go on to swim on Division I swim teams nationally but who cannot swim for their high school, and the many summer swimmers who do not partake in high school sports at all.

It is appalling to me that CA is willing to open its lanes to a few fringe swimmers who complain but was unwilling to make any effort to help the kids in its own community. Shame on you, CA!

Andy Lazris

Dorsey's Search

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