Drivers given ample warning about limit change in Laurel

Letter to the editor

November 28, 2011

If drivers come from the direction of All Saints Rd / Route 216 in Howard County toward Main Street Laurel (in Prince George's County), the speed limits are very visibly posted, alerting drivers to decreases from 45 mph to 40 mph and finally to 25 mph.

The first notice for the 25 mph limit is right as you pass the Settlers Landing sign, on the right side of the road prior to crossing over the bridge toward the Main Street intersection.

Yes, the camera is just a few feet past the intersection, in a school zone, hence the 25 mph.

Speeding is breaking the law and has consequences. Imagine that!

When a traffic light was installed at the intersection of Route 216 and Baltimore Avenue a few years ago, many residents were relieved to be a able to make a left turn without getting killed.

If both counties want to make extra monies, 216 is a no-brainer!

Marlene Laskowski

North Laurel

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