School play at Catonsville should have received a portion of attention that went to football team's win

Letter to the editor

November 28, 2011

This has been an exciting time for Catonsville High School, its football team and the fans in this community. The Catonsville Times has done an excellent job reporting the most recent win and the upcoming game against Poly. We are certainly proud of our team.

On the same night that the game between Paint Branch and Catonsville was played, another event was held in the Catonsville High School auditorium.

The Drama Department and students put on a production of Thornton Wilder's "Our Town," a play that is considered by many to be an American classic.

The cast and crew, under the direction of Lauren Deutschman, did an outstanding job. In a manner somewhat surprising for a high school drama group, the cast captured the essence of what Wilder was trying to convey.

It was understandable why the crowd was so small for the play on Friday because many were at the football game but it was disappointing that Saturday's crowd was also small.

There is some irony in that so many turn out for a sporting event but so few support the arts, at least in this case.

That irony extends to the Times, which gave such great publicity to the game but not one paragraph to the play.

We could do better.

Michael Kennedy


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