Peace Yoga Offers Classes for Beginner and Advance Yogis

Yoga Classes Offered in Bel Air

  • Owner Heather Gagnon opens Peace Yoga in Bel Air.
Owner Heather Gagnon opens Peace Yoga in Bel Air. (By Nicole Munchel )
November 28, 2011|By L'Oreal Thompson

Breathe in. Breathe out. Feel better? Good. At Peace Yoga in Bel Air, owner Heather Gagnon is aiming to help women and men alike lead healthier and less stressful lives through a variety of yoga classes.

“Women are natural nurturers, but it’s really important that we take time for ourselves as well,” Heather says. “You may come in stressed out, but once you take time for yourself, you’ll notice you’re better able to deal with the stresses of daily life.”

Beginners are welcome to take Yoga 101 or Yoga Basics and more advanced “yogis” can opt for Vinyasa, also known as flow yoga, which encourages strength training and endurance. Prenatal yoga and medical yoga classes for people with injuries and chronic conditions are available as well. Drop-in classes are $16 each, but class cards and monthly unlimited packages are also available.

In addition to providing health benefits, such as stress and pain relief, increased flexibility, strength, weight management and more, yoga also has mental benefits. “You learn to be present in the moment,” says Heather. “You focus on taking a deep breath.”

Peace Yoga
122 South Main Street
Bel Air, MD 21014

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