UM athletic program cuts show a lack of vision

November 27, 2011

The athletic department at the University of Maryland appears to be imitating Wall Street ("Eight teams targeted to be cut," Nov. 15). Investments for the wealthy — football — have gone south, so bitter medicine is prescribed for the poor: cross-country, track and field, etc.

In sympathy, the athletic director offered the eight poor programs a biggest-loser-type challenge: Raise $1 million a month for the next eight months to save your program. That's a lot of pizza kits.

Unfortunately, the present athletic director has no historical perspective. The athletic director who elevated Maryland sports to national prominence in the 1970s, Jim Kehoe, began as a track and cross-country runner.

Mr. Kehoe then coached cross-country and track with great success before becoming the university's athletic director. Like the current director, Mr. Kehoe had a military background and favored buzz haircuts. But apparently he had a far superior decision-making ability beneath his closely cropped hair.

Bill Blewett, Bel Air

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