City wrong to reject tax break for urban farmers

November 27, 2011

I share the outrage of Mary Pat Clarke at her fellow council members for voting down the property tax credit allowance to those who are investing the kind of energy this and every urban center needs to survive the challenge of attracting new taxpayers to the city ("City council committee nixes tax breaks for urban farmers," Nov. 23).

Marta H. Mossburg wrote recently about human nature being risk-averse in trying to explain how city voters might choose to reelect officials who follow a familiar path toward failure. In this particular case, it is a matter of squeezing the lemon that you have, as opposed to planting a lemon tree. The city needs people willing to invest in it. Policies should be considered based on their effect to either dissuade or attract these kinds of people.

The dollars I spend to turn the soil over — to plant myself in Baltimore City so to speak — represent the treasure that pays real dividends to city coffers. And what's with Councilman William Cole IV not being present for this vote?

George Frazier, Baltimore

Editor's note: Councilman Cole reports that he was absent from the vote because he was attending to his wife who was undergoing surgery at the time.

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