Joe Flacco explains his sweet Fu Manchu mustache

November 25, 2011|By Matt Vensel

Joe Flacco and the Ravens won ugly on Thursday night, and it’s not just because they relied on defense and ate up the clock with the run game to beat the San Francisco 49ers in the Harbaugh Bowl at M&T Bank Stadium.

Flacco sported a sweet Fu Manchu mustache during the game, which got Ravens fans on the internet buzzing.

Flacco, who completed 15 of his 23 pass attempts for 161 yards and a touchdown, explained to reporters after the game that he and mustachioed tight end Dennis Pitta are hoping their offensive teammates follow their lead.

"Dennis Pitta actually has it, too,” Flacco said. “Just trying to get everybody to do it, trying to get everybody to get on the bandwagon here on our offense. It's kind of tough convincing everybody. A lot of great teams, they always have their signature thing that they go through a season with, and we're just trying to create one."

And honestly, what would be more intimidating than lining up against a team that looks like the Village People?

Of course, there was a little internal backlash. Ravens linebacker Terrell Suggs rolled his eyes emphatically when asked about the Fu Manchu mustaches and said they can stay as long as the Ravens are winning.

“I think the moment we start not being ourselves that's got to go,” he said. “He's the quarterback, he has to have swag. You don't see that kid from, you know, the kid from up north. You don't see him with one of those."

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