Perdue is the villain, not the UM law clinic

November 25, 2011

It is about time that people become aware about how secrets hidden by animal agriculture detrimentally affect us all. Animal waste disposal from farms supplying animals for slaughter to large meat factories such as Perdue is not inspected responsibly. At the same time, when the farming operations of their suppliers is questioned, the big company leaves the small farmers alone to fend for themselves.

It is appalling how large agribusinesses protect their operations from being open to the public and are allowed to inspect and regulate themselves. This is a problem citizens need to face head on. I am shocked that the governor of Maryland is trying to interfere with an small effort by a caring non-profit organization and a Maryland School Law center to approach this situation here in Maryland ("O'Malley voices disapproval of law school clinic's pollution suit," Nov. 18).

Maria Vigo McMacken

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