Vehicle emissions testing by out-of-state company costs local business and residents

Letter to the editor

November 25, 2011

The start of the state legislative session is only two months away. Yet there is talk of ways to increase revenue, which is Democratic-speak for tax increases.

Tolls have already been raised this year, with more increases in the next two years.

Car and business registration fees are going to double.

These increases come with no legislative oversight. The governor wants them so he directs his cabinet heads to raise the fees — oops — taxes.

The 15-cent increase in the state's gas tax moves it from 23.5 cents to 38.5 cents for a fund the state can't spend fast enough.

There is always a surplus the governors use to balance their budgets. But they want more of a surplus.

Now there is talk of doubling the car emissions test fee (tax) from $14 to $28.

In addition, the state pays an out-of-state company $9 per car.

Remember when the emissions program started? There was a treadmill test but not anymore.

Your car's computer provides all the necessary information. Every car dealer and inspection station in Maryland has the same capability for checking emissions as the out-of-state company.

Why not allow car dealers and inspection stations perform the test?

There are far more of them than emissions stations. They can test faster and cheaper by keeping the money in Maryland.

Knowing how our legislature works, that out-of-state company may continue to be subsidized with a $35 charge per visit.

Albert Nalley


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