Don't shop in Laurel unless you want to pay a ticket

Letter to the editor

November 24, 2011

Howard County residents should take their shopping and purchases to places other than Laurel. The city of Laurel has placed a speed trap at Main Street and Route 216 and it is using $40 tickets to punish people coming into the city from Howard County.

At that intersection the speed drops from 40 mph to 25 mph in a distance that is barely the width of Main Street, and the speed camera is sitting almost beside the 25 mph sign. So, if you get a green light but don't almost slam on your brakes, surprise, you'll be receiving a $40 ticket in the mail.

Since it appears that Laurel has decided to balance its budget on the backs of Howard County residents, either the merchants in Laurel need to insist that this speed trap go away or the people of Howard County need to take their shopping elsewhere.

Kathy Smallwood

North Laurel

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