Andy Harris shows contempt for the president

November 23, 2011

Rep. Andy Harris' off-handed insults aimed at President Obama in the Sun story "Illegal migrants hope for reprieve" (Nov. 19) reveal his blatant contempt for the president of the United States. Unfortunately, they say more about Mr. Harris' lack of respect for the nation's highest office than about immigration or about President Obama.

Regardless of anyone's opinions on immigration, Mr. Harris' quoted remark that "If the president doesn't like the current law, he should have come back early from his vacation in the tropics and worked with Congress to change it, not doing yet another unconstitutional end run around our immigration law," was gratuitously nasty, false and ridiculous. As the story points out, the Obama administration has deported more illegal aliens from Maryland than in past years, and even Mr. Harris' fellow Maryland Republican Rep. Roscoe Bartlett agreed that using limited funds to target illegal immigrants who break criminal laws once they are here makes sense.

President Obama is on an important public mission in east Asia, not a vacation.

Voters aren't stupid. They see uncivil, mean-spirited comments like Mr. Harris' for what they are, and they see the elected representatives who make them for what they are too.

Larry Carson

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