CA's women-only swim just another form of segregation

Letter to the editor

November 23, 2011

The news of giving the privileged allotted time for women to swim is going back to the time when men were allowed to have their special clubs and others could have their special, exclusive groups. I believe that was called segregation.

However, men had to relinquish that privilege. When you travel to an Islamic country a woman is required to cover her head. We have to adopt to their culture and laws. I believe the same should be applied in this case.

If an Islamic woman feels uncomfortable swimming at the regular times with other people, she has three choices. One: Don't swim, two: swim with all her garb on, three: have the mosque build a swimming pool.

Enough is enough. I know the Flier is a liberal newspaper and it elaborates on their views.

Ruth Shigley

Kings Contrivance

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