Squirrelly like a fox

November 23, 2011

Dumb animals can be pretty smart.

Looking out our kitchen window the other day, my wife glanced into our neighbors' yard, where they've got one of those bird feeders fixed with a barrier to keep squirrels from getting at the goodies. It was hanging by a thread from one of their trees.

Hanging onto the feeder from a cylindrical piece at the bottom was a squirrel. The feeder spun around as it dangled from the branch, and the squirrel twirled along with it.

"Whee!" I said, laughing. I figured the critter was just having a little play time.

But Katie noticed that as the feeder spun around seeds spilled out of its tray and onto the ground. Periodically, the squirrel would jump to the ground and devour some, then mount his perch on the feeder and start spinning again.

Soon, another squirrel showed up. He wasn't interested in a turn on the merry-go-round, just in scooping up seeds the clever one was scattering.

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