What was he thinking?

November 23, 2011


What Was He Thinking? Or was he thinking? I asked myself as I read the article, "New Tax On Wegmans?" in the Aegis of Nov. 18. For Del. Rick Impallaria to even suggest that Wegmans should pay a tax because the store, in his poor opinion, is getting "a free ride on the citizens of Bel Air" is utterly irresponsible. Is his motive to penalize or to enhance revenue? And who does he think will eventually pay for such a senseless tax? Customers will pay though higher prices on their purchases, which is not exactly what people need during these deteriorating economic times. Mr. Impallaria should be thankful for companies like Wegmans that enhance not only the image of Bel Air but all of Harford County though their good will and reputations. And at the same time, they provide meaningful employment to the citizens of Harford County.

Are short-sighted proposals typical of Del. Impallaria? If so, perhaps he doesn't warrant another term in Annapolis representing the 7th District. Hopefully the voters in his district remember this the next time he runs for public office. The citizens of Harford County deserve better.

Jim Vadas

Bel Air

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