Irritated by delegate's comment

November 23, 2011


I'm not one to write a letter to the editor, but I had to speak my mind on this issue.

I find it insulting that Del. Rick Impallaria wants to put a tax on Wegmans supermarket just because they are calling it the Wegmans of Bel Air even though it's located in Abingdon.

He strikes me as another politician who justs wants a way by any means to tax. The citizens of Harford County have welcomed with open arms this new Wegmans store. People from various counties are coming into Harford County to spend their money at this Harford County Wegmans. We should be happy that revenue is coming into our county because of this store. We shouldn't try and punish a most-welcomed business by throwing a new tax on it because of how they advertise the location.

Bel Air is the more well known name when providing its location to the public. There are many businesses that use a more popularly known location in their name when, in fact, they aren't really in that location. You don't hear of anyone wanting to tax these other businesses. It's been said before that Maryland isn't a business-friendly state and this ridiculous idea of taxing Wegmans should be thrown right out. We should be grateful that this most popular customer service oriented grocery store chose to build one of their stores in Harford County. Look at the bigger picture, Del. Impallaria, we should welcome Wegmans to our county, not insult them by throwing a tax on them.

Arlene January


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