Don't be so quick to reject potential CSX benefits

Letter to the editor

November 22, 2011

I was pleased to have an opportunity to attend a recent public meeting focused on the new CSX facility. Being very aware of some residents' vocal opposition to the rail stop, I was interested to learn of the impacts this station would have on communities immediately surrounding the site.

Not only did I learn that the new facility could bring thousands of jobs to our county, I was also surprised by a noise simulator, which replicated what people close to the site would hear. The noise was faint.

While I empathize with neighbors who don't want a negative impact on their homes and lives, I hope their concerns are valid and that we can find a way to secure the jobs and other economic benefits that it appears this project would bring. As part of a family surviving for 16 months on unemployment, I know the importance of creating jobs in our community, not only for people new to the workforce but for those hoping to regain employment during our economic recovery.

Crystal Brown-Shugars

Ellicott City

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