Maryland is a sanctuary for illegal aliens

November 22, 2011

As I read about other states cracking down on illegal aliens in their state I see illegals on the move to avoid the consequences of their illegal acts. I bet the advocates for illegals are directing them to sanctuary states like Maryland. And with the recent studies being done to show how these poor people aren't getting the health care someone thinks they should get, you can almost hear the money from all the new taxes, for jobs and transportation needs, being directed at this growing crisis.

Look, if people do not want to get health care I am not sure what our nanny state can or should do about that. And anyone who believes that getting health care to any large group of uninsured people reduces the cost of health care have been duped by the oldest trick in the book. The big lie theory. If you repeat a lie often enough people will start to believe it. Oh, they don't seek health care because they are afraid of being deported, you say. Now isn't that a good reason to throw money at this group.

II is clear to me that all illegals care about is themselves, which is completely understandable. But they should not get too upset when the majority of people in a state adopt the same attitude.

Want to avoid the problems associated with being illegal? Go home.

William M. Libercci Sr.

Perry Hall

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