Vernon Davis not concerned with whether Ray Lewis plays or not

Former Terp discusses Torrey Smith, his old college program, Alex Smith's progression and Jim Harbaugh's influence

November 21, 2011|By Jeff Zrebiec

San Francisco 49ers tight end and former University of Maryland standout Vernon Davis just talked to the Baltimore media via conference call. Here are his thoughts on different topics:

On playing on a short week: “I think it’s all mental. We can’t let that worry us. We just have to go out and do our job, make the most out of our opportunities and just take advantage of what we have in front of us, and just play. We’re a winning team right now. We have to continue to stay in that direction."

On progression of quarterback Alex Smith: “He’s very focused and he’s paying attention to all the details. He’s doing exactly what the coaches are asking of him and that’s the big deal about Alex. In the past, I don’t think he had the coaching that he needed. He didn’t have the right offensive coordinator. He’s got that in [Jim] Harbaugh and his staff, and it’s starting to work out for him."

On helping his coach Jim Harbaugh get bragging rights against his brother, John, the Ravens coach: "It would be nice to give Coach Harbaugh the bragging rights. He deserves it. Our coach is a hard worker. He’s very disciplined. He’s just one of those coaches that you love to have on your side. I wouldn’t trade him for nothing in the world. I just wish him all the success. I’m here for him, I’m fighting for him and I want to win as much as he does."

On whether he'd be disappointed if Ray Lewis doesn’t play Thursday: "It doesn’t really make me no difference, whether he’s playing or he [isn’t]. I don’t think that one guy on defense could make a big difference. It doesn’t matter. He’s a good player, don’t get me wrong. I’d love to play against one of the best players on their team, but if he’s not, then oh well, we have to go. We can’t worry about what they have going on. We have to worry about what the 49ers have going on."

On whether Lewis being out changes the game plan?: "Not at all, I don’t think it changes anything. It doesn’t because the next guy that’s behind him will fill his shoes and I’m sure they’ll have him doing the same thing that Ray Lewis does, trying to make tackles and make plays."

On University of Maryland’s football season: "I think they’re building. They’re on the rise. I think in a few years they’ll be as good as anyone. It takes time just like for anybody, any team. You have to build, keep on building until you reach the top. That’s what it’s going to be."

On former Terp Torrey Smith's play with the Ravens: ‘He’s a great talent. I think he’s really panned out in the NFL. He’s doing a great job for Baltimore. He’s definitely one of those guys we have to account for on the defensive side because he’s making play. I like his ability. I think he’s really similar to what I can do as far as making plays. He can run really well, he can catch, he’s just making plays. But I think his biggest thing is he’s able to run."


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