Jim Harbaugh on brother John, the Harbaugh Bowl

November 21, 2011|By Matt Vensel

San Francisco 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh just finished his conference call with the Baltimore media, who served up more softballs than Jennie Fitch. Believe it or not, Jim makes John sound downright chatty.

During the 25-minute call, Harbaugh spent approximately five minutes talking about the now-famous American Legion baseball game between John’s Baskin Robbins team and Jim’s Sheriff’s All-Stars. I’d spill the details, but you will learn about it on every local website and radio show you frequent in the next three days. Enjoy.

This isn’t meant to bash either Harbaugh. They are confident, charismatic guys who coach two of the best teams in the NFL. And they have also been answering questions about the Harbaugh Bowl on Thanksgiving night for weeks, and each has been asked to compare himself to his brother for decades. You would go on auto-pilot, too, if you were asked three times about a baseball game you played when you were a teenager.

Jim did let his guard down a couple of times, and gave interesting sound bites about the Ravens’ Harbaugh.

On how John’s success let him know he could coach, too: “His success with the Ravens over the three and a half years he’s been there, I guess I saw that reflect back on me. ‘Look at how well John’s doing. … Maybe [I’m] cut from the same cloth.’ So in so many ways, John has knocked down hurdles and continues to do so for me.”

On how John is more knowledgeable than any coach in the NFL and college ranks: “I don’t know of any coach that’s coaching college or professionally that is as knowledgeable as John Harbaugh in terms of the entire game. He could coordinate an offense. He could coordinate a defense. He could coordinate the special teams with the best of anybody, college or pro. And he’s done it all. … He has the experience. He has the mind.”

What do you guys think about that last quote? Do you think Harbaugh could coordinate the Ravens offense?

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