Franchot: At least one Democrat is standing up for the taxpayers

November 21, 2011

In regard to the article "For Franchot, purchase of 32 Steinway pianos strikes sour note" (Nov. 17), I find it refreshing that a Democrat in this tax and spend state is watching over wasteful spending. There is nothing wrong with what Mr. Franchot suggested: "Couldn't we have bought a couple of Steinways and the rest could have been the Chevrolets rather then the Roll-Royces?"

Mr. Franchot is right on questioning this purchase during these economic times. Sooner or later Marylanders have to wake up to the fact that some of these politicians don't care about what we want but what they want.

Tolls go up, gas tax goes up, sales tax goes up, alcohol tax goes up, etc., etc., but not our paychecks, Social Security and pensions.

Mr. Franchot, keep up the good work and continue to watch the spending in this state because if you don't, no one else will.

Donna Quinn

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