'The Real Housewives of Atlanta' recap: 'Shower the Baby, Muzzle the Boy'

Apollo and Peter get in some (overly hyped) fighting words

November 21, 2011|By Ty Alexander

As Sheree said, "Life isn't full of cherries and berries!" I think I told you guys this would be a good one. I was giving a lot of side eyes and girl pleases to my television.

This episode was full of shockers from Kim's wedding-inspired baby shower, to Sheree building a home from the ground up as if there's any other way (SMH), to Peter and Apollo's overly hyped argument which was overshadowed by Apollo's extremely high-pitched angry voice.

We end up first at "Chateau Sheree" as she meets her contractor and he gives the old house on her lot a tumble. A clip is shown of the blueprint of her new home, and she points out the roller-skating ballroom. Thank gosh she lives in Atlanta, where everyone can be rich with a just few thousands in their accounts.

NeNe and Gregg are still separated. NeNe is still sensitive and somewhat confused. One minute she wants to divorce the next she is totally OK with being married to a gay man. Oops! That's just my opinion. Her youngest son tries to act as if he cares. I forgot to mention that the first 30 minutes was full of bad scripted acting.

Did anyone else forget that Leon (actor from "The Five Heartbeats" and tons of semi-wack plays) was the father of Cynthia's daughter Noelle? Well we're reminding again in this episode. Leon tries to give Cynthia's new hubby, Peter, some advice on dealing with her family: DON'T. Peter's caveman ways are gonna get the best of him. Watch! He's opening a new bar (with Cynthia's money) so he may want to be nice and stay on her good side.

Speaking of good sides, I feel like Kandi is in everything. Playing each side of every fence on the block. Always questioning the girls about stuff. I guess someone's got to get the storyline out, huh?

Kandi wants to know how Phaedra feels about Apollo being the talk of the blogs. I am glad that Kandi believes we all love their lives but I missed this story. Apparently, he was harassed and beat by the police Rodney King-style — well maybe that's an exaggeration, but you get it. Then he lied to Phaedra and says that everything was OK. Something's fishy with this.

So the hour ends with Kim and Kroy's baby shower. I swear this was really the wedding. She looked really good, though. Glammed with crystals and all sorts of other shiny things.

Their preggers shoot was blown up and posted around the venue. Which was actually kinda adorable (I cannot believe I just said that). Peter and Cynthia arrive late and without a gift. Can we say tacky? You should at least be on time if you're going to come empty handed.

While Kim conveniently takes a break, Apollo and Peter start their cat fight. Although, I'm sure they will be friends next week. But for now Apollo is pretty pissed and tries to take up for his wife. Apparently Peter did an interview with UPTOWN Magazine and reveals that he hates Phaedra and thinks Sheree isn't that cute.

I feel the same way but I may have worded it a little different. Perhaps Phaedra's accessories collection is hurting my heart and Sheree is a horrible designer. That's what I would have said. The police are quickly on set (just in case some blows are thrown) and the fight ends in all of 2 minutes.

Kroy looks so disappointed. Kim admits that last season she would have made a scene and screamed a bit but her and Kroy manage to share some wedding, I mean baby shower, cake and all is well.

Next episode the drama continues with Peter battling Cynthia's family, a stripper party and Kandi's mom storming off. EXCITED!!!! 

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