Turgeon: "Biggest challenge I've ever had in coaching"

Coach says Terps not running the plays

November 20, 2011|By Jeff Barker | The Baltimore Sun

Maryland coach Mark Turgeon spoke to his team for a long time in the locker room after Maryland's 89-63 loss to Iona -- a game in which the Terps had 26 turnovers.But when the coach emerged, he was no less frustrated.Turgeon, who has had to endure kidney stones this weekend, can be very candid. He tends to speak his mind.Here is some of what he said at his post-game briefing. He was a portrait of frustration. At times, he literally lowered his head and stared at the floor.--"The lack of commitment to running the plays the right way right now it's mind boggling. I've never seen anything like it."--More on not running the sets: "This is the biggest challenge I've ever had in coaching. It's not even close. To me, the kids have got to care more. I've taken over programs before that were picked low in their league, but the kids did what they were supposed to do."He said the Terps ran a play correctly 10 times against Colorado but botched it three straight times against Iona.--"I'm giving them the same message, and something's got to changed or it's just going to be a mediocre season at best. And I don’t want it to be mediocre."By the way, he said he believes the Terps have generally bought in to his coaching -- but things seem to break down when they face adversity in games.

"When we're not buying in is when it goes bad. We splinter," he said.

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